Harmonisation of the World

Ekaterina comments on her biggest 2020-2021 project:

“Harmonisation of the World” is a music allegory for orchestra, choirs and organ. Composed in 2020, it marks the 80 anniversary of Dmitri Alexandrovich Prigov (1940 – 2007) – a famous Russian artist, writer, philosopher and performer.

The Music of the Greats – Programme

The First Part   Homo Universalis   Leonardo da Vinci.  An authentic reconstruction by E.Melnikova based on a presupposed musical phrase by Leonardo da Vinci   Sovereign Rulers   Henry VIII – Trio for Block Flutes & Song «Though Some Say” Ivan IV The Terrible – Stikhira (Hymn) Sergey Prokofiev – Suite from the music …

Disk Review 2001 Handel Concerto

Handel Concerto in B flat Op 7 No 1; Concerto in F major Op 4 No 5; Concerto in B flat Op 4 No 5; Tchaikovsky Extracts from Children’s Album (arr Melnikova); Saing-Saёns Extracts from Le Carnaval des Animaux (arr Melnikova).  Ekaterina Melnikova at the Great and Choir Organs of Monaco Cathedral; Moscow Philarmonic Orchestra/Dmitry …

The icon collection

Felix Komarov: «This is the exhibition of my lifetime». L.I.ART. #39, summer 2014 Сollectors of Russian icons overcome enormous problems to build and maintain their collections.  The objects they are interested in are to be found not only in this country or in former Soviet republics.  Many icons are purchased abroad, at auctions or from …

Le Carnaval des animaux

Camille Saint-Saёns, a famous French composer, created Carnival of Animals as a musical joke. Ekaterina’s childhood dream was to play this music all alone – without an orchestra, soloists and conductor. She made her own organ transcription of the “Carnival”, different parts in different years. Details of compositions you can see here https://music.apple.com/