Harmonisation of the World

Ekaterina comments on her biggest 2020-2021 project:

“Harmonisation of the World” is a music allegory for orchestra, choirs and organ. Composed in 2020, it marks the 80 anniversary of Dmitri Alexandrovich Prigov (1940 – 2007) – a famous Russian artist, writer, philosopher and performer.

The Music of the Greats – Programme

The First Part   Homo Universalis   Leonardo da Vinci.  An authentic reconstruction by E.Melnikova based on a presupposed musical phrase by Leonardo da Vinci   Sovereign Rulers   Henry VIII – Trio for Block Flutes & Song «Though Some Say” Ivan IV The Terrible – Stikhira (Hymn) Sergey Prokofiev – Suite from the music …

Dancing King, Stavanger Koncerthus, 2020

The magnificent concert centre Stavanger was launched in 2012. The two halls are similar in size and complementary in function; one is best for natural acoustics while another one is good for rock and jazz. A rock band and a symphony orchestra can perform at Stavanger at the same time. Ekaterina played in the Fartein …