Organist, composer and winner of many international competitions. Played in many famous venues from the Westminster Abbey in London and Notre-Dame de Paris to Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow.
“Ekaterina is a marvellous musician! She has a fine sense of registration and colour.” Jean Guillou
“She has a marvellous technical facility but in addition, such persuasion and energy in her interpretations combined with total commitment to the music she is playing.” Sir Nicholas Danby
“Ekaterina is a prolific composer and arranger and has been commissioned to write music for several important Russian state cultural events, including the inauguration of the new Glatter-Götz organ at the Bolshoy Theatre. Ekaterina’s organ transcriptions of Saint-Saёns’ The Carnival of the Animals and Borodin’s Polovtian Dances are published by Wayne Leupold Editions.”  Grand Organ Festival, Westminster Cathedral 2019

Born of a leading Moscow music family, Ekaterina Melnikova’s early talent was nurtured by the best of the Russian musical tradition.  Her performance career includes important venues in Russia, the Middle East and Europe. 2005-2008 principal organist of Moscow RC Cathedral, 2003-2008 was teaching organ improvisation at the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music. 2000-2014 Organ Soloist of Moscow State Philharmonia. She  gained the reputation of the master of organ transcriptions and creator of new organ repertoire.

Since 2009 started  to present organ projects in a new format where organist becomes an author and a performer, collaborating with other musicians, using modern stage production technology.

Ekaterina has received several commissions to compose and perform music for state events at the most iconic of Russia’s venues:


-”Royal Fanfare” for Inauguration concert ceremony of the new Glatter Gotz Organ  on Historical stage of Bolshoi Theatre,

– “Hymn” on Christina Rossetti poem for the solemn opening of the exhibition “Pre-Raphaelits- Victorian Avangard” in Pushkin State Museum of  the Fine Arts


«Светлый Отрок» (“A Fair Lad”) for men’s choir and Russian bells on poems by M.Tsvetayeva, M.Voloshin, P.Tchaikovsky, lines from a liturgical text about Sergy Radonezky, 2014.

Cantata “Saint Vladimir” for men’s choir, organ and bells, 2016

«La Musique» poème symphonique sur des parole de Charles Baudlaire.  Dédicace romantique en l’honneur de la seconde naissance du Grand Orgue de la Grande Salle du Conservatoire de Moscou, 2017



1973-1984 Central Music School, Moscow

Piano, Chamber Ensemble

1984-1989 Moscow State Conservatoire

Degree Courses in Musicology and teaching, Organ Concert Performance and Chamber Music

Graduated with Distinctions

1989-1991 Moscow State Conservatoire

Post Graduate, Concert Organ Performance under Alexei Parshin

Graduated with Distinction

1996-1998 Royal Academy of Music, London

Advanced Post Graduate Organ Performance corse under Nicholas Danby, David Titterington,  Dame Gillian Weir (interpretation),  Naji Hakim improvisation

 Graduated with Distinction



1981 Prague

Concertino-Praga International Competition of Chamber Music

Piano, First Prize

1998 London

Royal Academy of Music

Lady Budge Prize in Organ Improvisation

Organ Accompaniment

First prize

1999 Russia

The First International Mikael Tariverdiev Organ Competition

Laureate and Special Prize Winner


Handel, Organ Concertos, Tchaikovsky, Children’s Album and Saint-Saens, Carnival of the Animals,

Transcribed for the organ by E. Melnikova. Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Yablonsky.Published by Bel Air Music and Recorded in Monaco Cathedral, 2000

Tariverdiev, Organ Symphony Chernobyl and his other works.

Published by BombaMusic and recorded in St Bavo Cathedral, Haarlem, Holland.2001

“Sacrum Tridium Paschale” Roman Catholic Cathedral Moscow 2006
“The Music of The Greats”

Recorded in Turku Cathedral and Kaliningrad State Philharmonia 2009 Published by Aedus Production

“Dea Incognita”

Recorded in Moscow on Glatter Gotz  new organ builded for Murmansk  Northen Ship Company, MSCO 2010

“Nothern Lights”

MSCO 2014

“The Eternal Dispute”

MSCO 2015


Ave Verum for SATB choir and organ (2007)

Variations on J-J Rousseau theme for organ solo (2008)

Ubi caritas for SATB Choir  and organ (2008)

Passacaglia on Percell’s theme “Didona’s lamentations” for organ solo (2009)

Missa XXI for SATB choir and organ (2010 ) (version for  choir simphony orchestra 2019      )

“Industrial” Cantata for Choir, Organ,  solo flute and electronics 2011

“Roman Holidyas”  Ouverture -for organ solo 2011

“Lullaby” for womens Choir, organ, strings  and celesta 2011

Toccata Freeway for organ solo

“Beauty” three motets on English  poems for men”s choir and Oboe 2012

“Beethoven Tango”  for Contrabass and Organ 2012

“Hearts” three pieces on D.A Prigov scetches for organ solo 2012 (version for simphony orchestra 2019)

Royal Fanfars for Organ Choir and Brass Quintet 2013

Hymn “ on Ch.Rossetti  poem for Choir and brass quintet 2013

“B-B-C”-Ouverture on British Themes for trumpet and organ 2014

“Tudors” Fantasy on tunes by Henry the VIII for gamba and organ-portative

«Светлый Отрок» for men’s Choir and Russian bells on Russian poems by M.Tsvetayeva, M.Voloshin, P.Tchaikovsky, Liturgical text about Sergy Radonezky, 2014.

Cantata for men’s Choir, organ, bells to a Saint Vladimir, 2016

«La Musique» poeme simphonique on texte by Bodlaire,

for organ, Choir, Brass  octet, soprano and  cello, celebrating second birthday after the restoration of famous Grand Orgue Cavalle-Coll in the Great Hall of Moscow State Conservatoire, 2017.

 Choral preludes 2016, 2017

Valer Mass for soprano, trumpet and organ, comissioned by Valer and Solor International organ Fest 2018



Published by Wayne Leupold Editions, North Carolina, USA:

Saint-Saens, Carnival of the Animals, transcription for organ by E. Melnikova.

A.P.Borodin Polvtzian Dances from Prince Igor- tanscription for organ by E Melnikova

G.Rossini Barber of Seville Sinfonia Transcription for organ by E.Melnikova

 Published  by Carus Verlag:

 E.Melnikova , Choral preludes  2016, 2017

Published by Moscow State Concervatoire:

E Melnikova La Musique” poeme simphonique

Participation in FILMS

1995 TV film “The music of Cesar Franck”

2004 Film “Quo Vadis?” based on Mikael Tariverdiev’s Organ Symphony


Moscow State Conservatoire concert halls regularly since1993

Tchaikovsky Philharmonic Hall, Moscow, regularly since 2003

Moscow  Svetlanovsky Hall, regularly since 2005

Westminster Abbey, London1997,1998

St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall 2001,2006

La Trinite, Paris 2001

St. Pauls Cathedral, London 2001

St. Eustache, Paris 2003

Leeds Town Hall 2001-2007 regularly

Assembly Hall, American University in Beirut 2002, 2004, 2005

Cologne Cathedral 2007

St.Clotilde, Paris 2010

Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow 2013

Monaco Cathedral 2013

Notre Dame de Paris 2015

Westminster RC Cathedral 2019

Stavanger Koncerthus Jan.2020


St. Albans International Festival, England 1996

Prestige D’Orgue St Eustage 2003

Al Bustan Festival, Lebanon 2002, 2004, 2005

Northern Palmira, St. Petersburg 2001

Leeds Film Festival 2003

Russian Winter, Moscow 2004

International Organ Festival, Almaty, Kazakhstan 2004,2006

Days of Russian Culture, Yerevan, Armenia 1999

Year of Russian culture in France St. Clotilde -Paris 2011

15th International Organ Festival, Asturias, Spain 2003

Semana de musica Religiosa Spain Asturias 2004,2005,2008

Days of Russian Culture Berlin 2009

Russian Winter in Tallin Philharmonic  Hall , Estonia

Internationaler Orgelsommer Abtei Himmerod 2010, 2012

Moscow International Film Festival 2012

Bolshoi Theatre Inauguration concert of New Organ on Historical Stage 2013

Monaco Cathedral International Organ Festival 2013

Valer&Solor International Organ Festival 2017, 2018, 2019 Norway

Westminster Cathedral Grand Organ Festival 2019



Organ Improvisation and Art of Transcription

at Russian Gnessin Academy of Music (Moscow)


Tbilisi, Georgia Conservatoire 2001

The American University in Beirut 2007

London St Gile International Organ School 2001

Oundle, Cambridge International  Summer Organ School 2001, 2008

Queen Margaret’s School for Girls, York, England 2002

CONDUCTORS played with

Vladimir Fedoseyev, Dmitry Yablonsky, Vladimir Ponkin, Paolo Olmo,Teodor Kurenzis, Sergei Skripka

ORCHESTRAS played with

Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, State Tchaikovsky Orchestra, Moscow Conservatoire Chamber Orchestra, Lebanese Symphony Orchestra, State simphonic orchestra of cinematography



Russian organ music

English organ music 16th to the 20th centuries

French organ music 16th to the 20th centuries

Ferenc Liszt, Bach and Mendelsohn

Handel’s organ concertos

Mikael Tariverdiev


Organ Plus: trumpet, violin, cello, piano, voice, clarinet, flute, saxophone, harpsichord, dance, percussions, ethnic instruments, rock group.


Musica Selecta

Art of Transcription

Orchestral Masterpieces on the Organ

Quo Vadis?

Famous Music from Famous Films

Organ and Dance

A Musical Journey to the Cathedral’s of Europe

Improvisations for silent films:

Ernst Lubich films at Moscow film festival 2012

“Anne Boleyn”, “Madam Dubarry”, “Wild Cat”

Mikhail Romm “Boule de suif” après Guy de Maupassant​ at the celebration of 90 years of MOSFILM

Sergey Eisenschtein Battleship “Potyomkin” Kaliningrad Cathedral

Organ Projects in the new format (performance-spectacle):

The Music of the Greats 2009

Tales of Love 2010

School of Antonio Salieri 2010

Water Music 2010

Crossroads 2011

Roman Holidays 2011

Organ in the Space of Fashion 2012

A Window to Paris 2012

Greenwich Mean Time 2014

Katya in Wonderland (for children) 2016

Dancing King 2018

Winternight Dream 2019

Transcriptions for Organ Solo:

  1. Sergei Prokofiev ‘Battle On The Ice” from Cantata “Alexander Nevsky”
  2. Sergei Prokofiev ‘Ivan The Terrible’ Suite from Film Score
  3. S.Bach ‘Herr, unser Herrscher’ from ‘Saint John Passions’
  4. S.Bach Aria Alto from ‘Saint Matthew Passions’
  5. S.Bach – Gounod – Melnikova ‘Ave Maria – Carillion’
  6. B.Pergolesi ‘Quando Corpus’ from ‘Stabat Mater’
  7. Salieri ‘Benedictus”
  8. A.Mozart ‘Allegro’ from Simphony No 40
  9. Rossini ‘Il Barbieru Di Siviglia, Act II – Temporale’
  10. Donizetti ‘Una furtiva lagrima’
  11. Puccini ‘Mio Babbino Caro’ from ‘Gianni Schicchi’
  12. Schubert ‘Forellenquintett’, Variations
  13. Schubert Marche Caractéristique No 2 for Organ and Piano
  14. Mendelson – two piano pieces
  15. Saint-Saens ‘Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso’
  16. I.Tchaikovsky Arabian, Chinese and Russian Dances from ‘Nuttcracker’
  17. Smetana ‘March and Dance of Comedians’ from ‘Bartered Bride’
  18. Strauss Overture to ‘Die Fledermaus’
  19. Strauss Waltz ‘Blue Danube’ for Organ and Piano
  20. Michael Nyman ‘Wheelbarrow Walk’, ‘Love Does Not End’, ‘All Imperfect Things’
  21. Orf ‘O Fortuna’ from ‘Carmina Burana’
  22. Tiersen ‘Comptine d’un autre été’
  23. Moricone ‘One Upon a Time in America’ Fluite Theme
  24. Rota Waltz from ‘Godfather’, ‘Passerella d’Adio’from ‘8 1/2”
  25. Shostakovich Waltz from Jazz Suite No 2



  1. Ave Verum for SATB Choir and Organ
  2. Ubi Caritas for SATB Choir and Organ
  3. Missa XXI for SATB Choir and Organ
  4. ‘Industrial Cantata’ for SATB Choir, Organ and Flute
  5. ‘Beauty’ – Triptych on English Poetry (‘Katherine’ by R.L.Stevenson, ‘Beauty’ by J.Masefield, ‘Red Red Rose’ by R.Burns) for Men’s Choir and Oboe
  6. ‘Birthday’ (Hymn) on Christina Rosetti Poem for SATB Choir and Brass Quintet
  7. ‘Lullaby’ for Women’s Choir, String Quartet, Organ and Celesta
  8. ‘Royal Fanfar’ for Brass Quintet, Organ and SABT Choir
  9. Canticle based on poetry: young P.I.Tschaikovsky, M.Voloshin, M.Tsvetayeva, Russian Orthodox traditional psalm ‘Sergii Radonezhski’ for Men’s Choir and Russian Bells 2014
  10. Cantata“Vladimir the Saint “ for Men’Choir organ and Russian bells2016
  11.  ‘Ave Maria’ for Men’s Choir and Treble 2016
  12. “The Valer Mass” for voice, trumpet and organ 2018
  13. “Chorus deligentibus” for men’s choir 2018

  Organ Solo:

Variations on J-J Rousseau Theme,

Ouverture  “Roman Holiday”(Tarantella)

Coliseum -Rock -Passacaglia

Toccata Freeway

“Hearts” Tryptich on D.A.Prigov scetches :Heart of Graal, Red Heart, Light of Heart

“Bythantian Chant”

Organ +

“BBC” Ouverture on British Themes Trumpet and organ

“Beethoven Tango” for organ and double bass

Ostinato for organ and celesta

“Raga” for saxophone and organ


 transcriptions for organ of:

Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals, Borodine “Polovtzian Dances” Rossini ouverture

Il barbiere de Sevile”BY Wayne&Leupold Editions 2002-2008


Two choral preludes for Choralvorspiele fur orgel zum Gotteslob band 3 ,4

 Carus Verlag 2016,2018

“La Musique” poeme symphonique for organ & SABT Choir, brass octet, solo cello,

 solo soprano Moscow State Conservatoire