Winternight Dream – Coming Soon

Ekaterina Melnikova Organ Music Programme.  Kaliningrad, Koeningsberg Cathedral, January 16th, 2021

This winter night makes all colours shine wonderfully.  Ice crystals are glinting and stars are twinkling.  Organ music sounds so unusual, it’s just like magic.

Scintillating snowflakes inspire Bach to compose a fugue.  What about Beethoven?  All is possible in a dream. A tango, perhaps, why not…

Christmas carols are still heard but it is time to turn the page.  Another year awaits.  We get on our way, with Federico Fellini’s vagabond actors and Nino Rota’s music.

A soft ancient prayer and tender chimes of little bells are heard in the night’s air.

Snow and breeze whirl freely over the city.

A Fairy Tale for Organ In Seven Scenes

Prelude and Fugue la minor – I.S.Bach


“Tief im Schoß meiner Mutter gewoben” Е.Melnikova

Noel C.Balbastre

Sweet Stories

South Indian Lullaby, organ version

From Tchaikovskiy’s Children Album: March of the Wooden Soldiers, Waltz, Old French Song, The Sorcerer, The Organ-Grinder Sings.

Traveling Circus

Passerella d ‘Adio – Nino Rota

Three Wonders

Moon-River – F.Sinatra

Butterfly –  E.Grieg

Beethoven-Tango – Е.Melnikova


Ave Maria – Сarillon – Bach –Gunot – Melnikova

Flying Over the Night City

Toccata «Freeway”- Е.Melnikova

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