The icon collection

Felix Komarov: «This is the exhibition of my lifetime».

L.I.ART. #39, summer 2014

Сollectors of Russian icons overcome enormous problems to build and maintain their collections.  The objects they are interested in are to be found not only in this country or in former Soviet republics.  Many icons are purchased abroad, at auctions or from private collectors, and brought back.  Then follows a long delicate restoration work.  Depending on the period, school and artist every icon has its own value.  But to me, every one of them is very valuable.  I am convinced icons do for people much more than we people do for them.  People believe that icons can save lives and make miracles.

For the exhibition in the Moscow Manege in October – November 2014  I have selected 300 large icons, which have been commented by experts from the Central Andrei Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art.

I have arranged for the exhibition being accompanied by some special events.  There will be a recital by the Moscow Chamber Choir “Kastalskiy” conducted by Alexey Rudnevskiy, professor at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatoire in Moscow and winner of an international Orthodox religious music competition in Hainowka in Poland.  The choir will perform Russian Orthodox Church chants accompanied by the bells of the Yaroslavl bell tower by Vladimir Degtiarev, head bell ringer of the Yaroslavl Archdiocese.  This work for a male choir and bells is inspired by ancient Russian melodies based on the texts of The Venerable Sergius of Radonezh.  Music for the chants has composed for the event of the exhibition by an international concert organist and composer Ekaterina Melnikova, laureate of many international competitions.  This will be a premier performance.

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