Dancing King, Stavanger Koncerthus, 2020

The magnificent concert centre Stavanger was launched in 2012. The two halls are similar in size and complementary in function; one is best for natural acoustics while another one is good for rock and jazz. A rock band and a symphony orchestra can perform at Stavanger at the same time.

Ekaterina played in the Fartein Valen hall (named after the famous Norwegian composer), on the organ built by Ryde & Berg Orgelbyggeri AS.


“Beginning of the Movement” – Improvisation:

“Dance of the Organist” -Bach: Fugue in D

“Fantasy Ballet on the Tunes by King Henry VIII” – Melnikova

“Two Menuets” – Hayds

“Endless Waltz” – Shostakovich, Fradkin, Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Petrov, Tariverdiev

“Pantomime” – Schnitke:

“Gallop” – Smetana

“Graal’s Heart – Red Heart – Light of the Heart” – Melnikova

“Tarantella” – Melnikova

“Butterfly” – Grieg

Tango “Oblivion” – Piazzolla

Rumba “Quizaz” – Farres, Melnikova

“Dance of the Swan” Tchaikovsky – Saint-Saёns, the collage

“Bohemian Dance” – Bizet

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